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Basic information

Name: Entertainer MIKIYA

Birthplace: Kyoto-shi

Present address: Osaka-shi

Kind of performance: Magic, Juggling


Web site:


Golden hamster. 3rd Ario Washinomiya Daidougei Grandprix. Entertainer MIKIYA win 1st prize.

3rd Ario Washinomiya spring GP 1st prize

4th Ario Washinomiya fall GP 1st prize

2nd Uji Daidougei Match 2nd prize

17th Tenma Tenjin Contest Special prize


Tokyo OfficialHeaven Artist

Osaka OfficialPerformer License

Utsunomiya Orion Square Street Performance License



He not only just does magic but also attracts and excites an audience.

He has the no.1 skill of contact juggling of a single crystal ball in Kansai in Japan.

Because he does both stylish tricks and comedy peformance, an audience can keep concentration from the begining to the end.

He has the top-level skill to attract and gather children.

On the other hand, he makes elderly people burst out laughing at a facility for the elderly.

He sometimes gives lessons in magic or juggling.

Details of his show


In 2004, he started to learn magic and juggling alone.

In 2006, he was impressed that a street performer was doing magic. Immediately after that, he started a street performance.

Affected by Juggling Donuts, which is a juggling circle of Kyoto University, he established a street performance circle of Kwansei Gakuin University named JaM in 2007.

Since 2008, he has given performances at more than 300 places such as a bar, a restaurant, a shopping mall, a department store, a festival, a meeting for showing respect for the aged, a meeting for children, elementary school, kindergarten, a Halloween party, a Christmas party, a wedding and so on.

Since 2013, he has performed at NINJA KYOTO as a master ninja Mikkyuu regularly.

Performance place


National Bunraku Theater, Shinnihonkai Ferry, Rihga Royal Hotel Sakai, Egret Himeji, Kyoto Women's University, Shiga University, Izumiya Izumi-center, Abeno Q's mall, Rinkuu Pleasure Town Seacle, Kyocera Dome Osaka, Kobe Mosaic Garden, Oike Hospital, Osaka Tenman-gu, Shinpukan, Osaka Station City, and so on.

Foreign country

Avignon in France


2011 Kansai TV "Kikimimi"

2011 Kansai TV"Adventure Tutorial"

2012 Kobe Shinbun

2013 Nagano Broadcasting Systems "Pachi FUN!"

2014 KBS Kyoto "JEF@KYOTO"

2015 fmGIG "BIPfm"

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